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English Department


 Prof. Michael C. Frank


Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Michael C. Frank (English Literature)


Prof. Dr. Barbara Straumann


Deputy Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Barbara Straumann  (English Literature)

General Manager: Dr. Nicole Studer-Joho

Assistant to the General Manager: Dr. Stella Castelli

Advising of Studies: Dr. Martin Mühlheim

Study Abroad Coordination: Nathalie Meyer, M.A.

Department Office (Secretary): Angelika Kapfer, M.A.

Department Library

Department IT Coordination


Nicole Studer-Joho

General Manager
(Personnel & Finance)

Dr. Nicole Studer-Joho (Tue, Thu, Fri)


  • Personnel: Head of HR, coordination of job advertisments/applications

  • Finance: budget control

  • Communication: media, internal information flow

  • Strategic planning: academic report, evaluations; coordination with Faculty and the various bodies of the Department; organisation and Institutsversammlung

Substitution for Stella Castelli (personnel, finance)


Stella Castelli

Assistant to the General Manager

Dr. Stella Castelli


  • Personnel: Contact person for personel related questions, external teaching contracts 
  • Finance: Contact person for finance related questions
  • Third party funds: Coordination and management fo third party funds
  • Communication: update of mailing lists in MS Teams
  • Teaching: support for online exam

Substitution for Nicole Studer-Joho (personnel, finance)


Martin Mühlheim

Academic Administration
(Advising of Studies, Course and Grade Administration)

Dr. Martin Mühlheim


  • Advising of Studies: advising of studies
  • Course administration: course descriptions, booking of rooms, number and list of participants, entering of grades
  • Student administration: evaluation of Lehrdiplom applications; changes in booking and cancellation; transfer of credit (new UZH students)
  • Archive: Filing of exam sheets of compulsory courses
  • Infrastructure: organization of maintenance work
  • Info events: Erstsemestrigentrag and Studieninfotag
  • Exam administration: Master Final Exams
  • Website: Update of "Studies" part, news items
  • student administration: evaluation of Master applications

Substitution for Nicole Studer-Joho (management, teaching/students) and Nathalie Meyer (study abroad coordination)


Nathalie Meyer


Academic Administration

(Study Abroad Coordination)

Nathalie Meyer, M.A.



Study abroad coordination

Advising of in- and outbound students
Transfer of credit
Negotiating new exchange agreements
Staff mobility
Teaching: coordination of planning
Teaching: collection of announcement sheets, planning and scheduling

Substitution for Martin Mühlheim (advising of studies).


Angelika Kapfer


Secretary's Office

Angelika Kapfer, M.A.


  • Secretarial office
  • Coordination of general student and external queries
  • Administration: update addresses, tutorials, order of office material, keys
  • Exam administration: coordination of FachexpertInnen Lehrdiplom, coordination Reading List exam
  • Infrastructure: furniture
  • Finance: payment of invoices and expenses, cash management, Climate Smart Travel
  • Communication: update info booklet and staff poster" and "Website: update staff info, news items
  Department Library

Katrin Eschenmoser, MAS IS

lic. phil. Nikola Leudolph

Dr. Anja Neukom-Herrmann



Department IT Coordination

Dr. Hans Martin Lehrmann

lic. oec. Roland Lerch

IT Coordination

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