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English Department

Information and Consultation: Online Study Guides & Advisor of Studies

Before contacting the Advisor of Studies, make sure that you've consulted the relevant information provided online:

Bachelor Study Guide                            Advisor of Studies
Martin Mühlheim
Master Study Guide
Lehrdiplom für Mittelschulen
PhD Study Guide                      

Dr. Martin Mühlheim

(contact: see below)

Note: Many useful documents are available in the Downloads section,

How to Proceed

If the information provided in the sections listed above is unclear or insufficient, you can contact the following members of staff:

For questions concerning ... you can contact ...
a particular course (e.g. the seminar group in an introductory module) the course instructor (see UZH course catalog)
a particular module (e.g. one of the first-year introductory modules) the module coordinator and/or the course instructor (see UZH course catalog)
options for staying abroad the Study Abroad Coordinator: consult the Stay Abroad section
several modules, the program in general, or any other issues relating to the English Department the Advisor of Studies:
framework regulations, general administrative problems the Student Services at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Contact Information

Dr. Martin Mühlheim (office PLH-103)

Consultation hours (by appointment only): Wednesdays, 2.30-4.30 p.m.

Please make sure to consult all the available sources listed above before contacting the Advisor of Studies.

Phone: +41 44 634 35 58