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English Department

Career Options

Job Prospects

The Bachelor programs in English Literature and Linguistics prepare students for later employment in a range of areas, particularly education, editing, journalism, PR, advertising, marketing, film, translation, administration, and diplomacy, as well as for advanced studies at Master level.

The Master program provides further qualifications for the fields mentioned above, including more senior positions. It also constitues a prerequisite for the Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen (teaching diploma). Moreover, graduates with a strong academic record will have the option of pursuing a PhD and thus lay the basis for a possible career in higher education.

Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

The Fachverein Anglistik FAVA have prepared a brochure in which former students of English talk about their current jobs: how they got there, and why studying English prepared them for the type of work they do today.

Further Resources