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Bachelor: Advanced Students

Note: Students who started their Bachelor studies prior to the fall semester 2019 will find the relevant information in the Transition from Old Programs section.

Resources for Advanced Bachelor Students

The most important resource for advanced Bachelor students of English Literature and Linguistics are the detailed program descriptions available in this section:

Program PDF Checklist
Bachelor Major (120 ECTS) Checklist Major (120 ECTS) (PDF, 223 KB)
Bachelor Minor (60 ECTS) Checklist Minor (60 ECTS) (PDF, 238 KB)

In addition, this section provides a Module Catalog (i.e. detailed descriptions of all the Bachelor modules offered by the English Department, as well as an overview of modules offered by other departments that are cross-linked into the Bachelor Major and, more rarely, the Bachelor Minor):

Toward the End of One's Studies

Information on how to proceed toward the end of one's studies is available in the Before Graduation section.

Students who are almost done with their Bachelor Major and/or Minor may also want to consult the information provided on Pre-Master's Modules.

It may, finally, also be useful to read the FAQ section.

If the information provided in any of the sub-sections mentioned above is unclear or incomplete, then students can contact the Advisor of Studies at

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Weiterführende Informationen

Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

prepared by the Fachverein Anglistik (FAVA), and available for download here.

News: Current

  • Lecture Series: “Variation and change in the history of the English lexicon” Convenors: Olga Timofeeva & Annina Seiler

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