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Pre-Master's Modules ("vorgezogene Mastermodule")

If your summary of credits shows that you have earned at least 120 ECTS credits in a Bachelor's degree program at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (PhF), you may complete pre-Master's modules from the PhF worth a maximum of 30 ECTS credits.

Note: We strongly advise against taking any Master-level modules in English Literature and/or Linguistics until you are very close to completing your Bachelor program in English (ideally, only in your final semester – see also the section below: "Careful: Potential Problem with Accreditation of Modules").

Which Modules to Take?

The following are the modules from the Master program in English Literature and/or Linguistics that can be taken as pre-Master's modules ("vorgezogene Mastermodule"):



Language Skills and Culture

We strongly recommend that you prioritize the modules with an asterisk (*). For more information, see the section below, on potential problems with the accreditation of modules.

How to Book the Modules: Administrative Process

Pre-Master's modules are booked via the regular Module Booking process.

Further information on pre-Master's modules ("vorgezogene Mastermodule") is available on the website of the UZH Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Careful: Potential Problem with Accreditation of Modules

The Problem

Please note that, upon graduation, modules will be accredited in chronological order. In the case of cross-listed modules (i.e. modules that can count toward the Bachelor as well as the Master program), this may lead to problems.


You intend to book a 3-ECTS lecture as a pre-Master's module. However, this 3-ECTS lecture - let's call it module (A) - can also be accredited toward the Bachelor because it is cross-listed. Later in your studies you book another 3-ECTS module (B) that can only be accredited toward the Bachelor.

Upon graduation, module (A) will automatically be counted as a Bachelor module because it is cross-listed into the Bachelor and it pre-dates module (B). In other words, even though you wanted module (B) to be accredited toward the Bachelor, this will not be possible.

The Solution

  • Make sure you only book pre-Master's modules if you have almost completed your Bachelor studies.
  • Prioritize the modules marked with an asterisk (*) in the section "Which Modules to Take?" These are the modules that can only count toward the Master, which means that the problem outlined above does not apply.

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