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English Department

Reading Literary and Critical Theory (6 ECTS)



Master Major (90 ECTS)

Master Minor (30 ECTS)

Course Type(s)


Module Group Methods and Theories


two-semester module, offered each semester


  • written paper
  • graded                                                                              

Language of Instruction




Students are expected to be familiar with the core concepts of textual analysis and be experienced in the close reading of primary and secondary texts. They should have read a wide range of literary texts from all the literary periods from the Renaissance to the present, and they are also expected to have written term papers in English literature at Bachelor-level. Students are required to have good (written) academic English language skills (Level C1).

Conceived as an intensive reading course, this seminar provides students with the theoretical and methodological training that is needed for the type of research they will undertake on the Master level. The aim of the discussion of selected theoretical texts is to define the theoretical concepts and trace the critical tropes and Denkfiguren which these texts work with, as well as examine the ways in which they construct and present their arguments.

Learning outcomes Students are able to: (a) comprehend, critically reflect and engage with texts from various theoretical traditions and schools on an advanced level; (b) place them within their respective historical and disciplinary traditions; (c) differentiate between different theoretical approaches and perspectives; (d) articulate their ideas about the texts and the issues negotiated by them in an appropriate academic register.