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English Department

Master Programs in English Literature and/or Linguistics: List of Modules

Disclaimer: The applicable legal regulations can be found in the framework ordinance (Rahmenverordnung) and the program regulation (Studienordnung) for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The information below is for illustrative purposes only and should be regarded as a recommendation. In case of any contradictions between this document and the legal regulations or between the German version and a translation, only the legal regulations or the German version, respectively, have legal bearing.

Modules Offered by the English Department

The following is an alphabetical list of all the Master modules offered by the English Department.


  • Some of the modules available in the Master study programs in English Literature and/or Linguistics are offered by other departments (see list of cross-listed modules).
  • Modules in the module groups "Other Curricular Modules" and "Transferable Skills" can only count toward the Major, not the Minor.

List of Modules (Alphabetical)