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English Department

Research Seminar in English Literature (9 ECTS)

[06SM440-s10] - The codes and titles of individual modules will vary


Master Major (90 ECTS)

Master Minor (30 ECTS)

Course Type(s)


Module Group Research-Oriented Specialization in Literature


two-semester module (offered each semester, but individual topics vary)



  • learning portfolio (1/3)
  • written paper (2/3)


Language of Instruction

Prerequisites Students are expected to be familiar with the core concepts of textual analysis and be experienced in the close reading of primary and secondary texts. They should have read a wide range of texts from all the literary periods from the Renaissance to the present, and they are also expected to have written term papers in (English) literature at Bachelor-level. Students are required to have good (written) academic English language skills (Level C1). Students are expected to have taken the Reading Literary and Critical Theory Module or an equivalent Master-level course elsewhere.
Content In Master Research Seminars, students are aquainted with a specific research topic (for example, a period, a theme, a genre, the work of an author) which will be covered systematically and thoroughly in its theoretical and/or historical context, taking into account the current state of research as well as contemporary debates and issues in the respective area.
Learning outcomes Students are able to: (a) draw on an in-depth knowledge of a specific research topic or area in the field of literary and/or cultural studies; (b) show familiarity with both the current state of research and contemporary debates and issues in the respective area; (c) articulate complex viewpoints concering the respective seminar topic in an appropriate academic register.