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English Department

Stay Abroad: Research-Based Report (3 ECTS)

Please also consult the additional guidelines for the module.



Master Major (90 ECTS)

Course Type(s)

Self-Study Module

Module Group Other Curricular Modules                       


one-semester module, offered each semester


  • learning portfolio
  • pass/fail 

Language of Instruction

Prerequisites Students are expected to have successfully completed "Writing Skills and Popular Culture"

Students who have spent six or more weeks within one year and with max. one interruption (i.e. min. 42 days) in the same particular Anglophone region (region = usually not a whole country) compile a research-based report consisting of two parts:

(1) a short account of their stay abroad in the form of a report that goes beyond a mere narrative (i.e. which includes some meta-level reflection on the experience);

(2) an in-depth analysis of either linguistic or literary data in the context of the region in question that shows the student’s close familiarity with current research on a specific aspect of that region. The analysis is concerned with either a distinctive linguistic feature occurring in the particular region or an anglophone literary work which displays a strong connection to that region.

Learning outcomes Students are able to: (a) elaborate research from the fields of literary studies, linguistics, and history on an advanced academic level; (b) present their findings in different text types and for different audiences.