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English Department

Writing Skills for Research (6 ECTS)

Note: Prior to the Fall Semester 2023, this module was called "Writing Skills and Popular Culture." The old version of and the updated module are considered equivalent (i.e. students who have already completed "Writing Skills and Popular Culture" do not have to re-take the module). 



Master Major (90 ECTS)

Master Minor (30 ECTS)

Course Type(s)


Module Group Language Skills and Culture


two-semester module, offered each semester


  • written paper (60%)
  • learning portfolio (40%)   
  • graded                          

Language of Instruction

Prerequisites Students are required to have English language skills of at least C1 level and experience of using English as a medium of written academic discourse.
Content The aim of this course is twofold. On the one hand, the course is designed to introduce students to a broad range of cultural theories with a view to analyzing popular cultural artifacts such as media products and/or contemporary phenomena. The course will provide students with a range of critical tools to read and examine aspects of popular culture including television, advertising, music videos, video games, or other popular artifacts. In this way, students will explore the ways in which popular culture shapes the cultural landscape today. On the other hand, the course also aims to develop the skills required to write academic research papers. The course will focus on essential aspects of advanced academic writing skills such as writing abstracts, introductions, research overviews, methodology sections, and conclusions.

Learning outcomes

After having completed this module, students will

a) be able to analyze and critique bodies of theory;

b) be able to apply these theories to the field of cultural studies;

c) be able to present a nuanced and supported interpretation of a popular culture artifact or media text;

d) be able to conduct independent research in the field of cultural studies;

e) be able to structure a longer research paper, effectively implementing key skills of academic writing