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English Department

Writing Skills and Popular Culture

Note: From the Fall Semester 2023, this module will be called "Writing Skills for Research." The old version of and the updated module are considered equivalent (i.e. students who have already completed "Writing Skills and Popular Culture" do not have to re-take the module). 

Language of instruction



Students are required to have English language skills of at least C1 level and experience of using English as a medium of written academic discourse.


This course aims to allow students to practise and develop their advanced English academic writing skills by building on the knowledge and abilities that they have already gained in their studies. The course focuses on aspects of popular culture, like how issues of gender, the body and identity are portrayed in media products such as advertising, television series or magazines, using the tools of media analysis. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own ideas and have to submit an extended essay on a topic related to English-speaking popular culture of their own choosing.

Learning outcomes

Students can critically analyse media texts and develop their analysis within the framework of an academic essay. They can present a nuanced and supported interpretation cohesively and in an appropriate level of advanced academic English.


Classroom lessons

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Module Group

Language Skills and Culture

Module Code



two-semester module, offered each semester

Type of Assessment

- paper (67%)

- learning portfolio (33%)


6 ECTS, graded