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English Department

Methods and Theories in English Linguistics (6 ECTS)



Master Major (90 ECTS)

Master Minor (30 ECTS)

Course Type(s)


Module Group Methods and Theories                         


one-semester module, offered each semester


  • oral presentation (30%)
  • learning portfolio (70%)
  • graded

Language of Instruction




Students need to know the core concepts of different areas of linguistics. They need to have experience with data analysis for linguistic research projects and they are expected to have written term papers in English linguistics at Bachelor-level. Students are required to have good (written) academic English language skills (Level C1).
Content This module introduces students to the main methodological tools they need in order to carry out research projects in English Linguistics independently. These include both qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis. It also introduces selected theoretical approaches of different areas of linguistics and it addresses more general questions of theory building and theoretical positioning in the academic setting.
Learning outcomes Students are able to apply selected empirical methods of data collection and analysis correctly and appropriately. They are able to apply descriptive statistical methods in order to show quantitative distributions of linguistic data. They have basic knowledge of common methods of inferential statistics and are able to apply them. They are able to reflect on theoretical approaches in linguistics. They are able to develop research questions independently. They are able to present these aspects in oral and written form in agreement with the accepted standards of academic presentations and publications in English linguistics.