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Bachelor in English: Regulations for Transition from Old to New Programs and for Continuing in Old Programs

Disclaimer: The applicable legal regulations can be found in the framework ordinance (Rahmenverordnung) and the program regulation (Studienordnung) for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The information below is for illustrative purposes only and should be regarded as a recommendation. In case of any contradictions between this document and the legal regulations or between the German version and a translation, only the legal regulations or the German version, respectively, have legal bearing.

Transition to Bologna 2020

This section is intended for students who were enrolled in a Bachelor program in English Literature and/or Linguistics in the spring 2019 or earlier.

The intention is to provide clear guidelines, as well as some useful checklists, for all students making the transition from the old Bachelor programs to the new Bologna-2020 programs.

How to Proceed?

Students are encouraged to consult (see below):

  • the detailed information on their particular study program;
  • if necessary, the general overview of equivalent modules.

Transition vs. Continuing in an Old Program

There are two basic cases:

Case 1: Automatic Transition to the New Programs

Students enrolled in the 120-ECTS program or in the 60-ECTS program without specialization will be moved into the corresponding new programs (i.e. they are making a transition from an old to a new program).

Case 2: Continuing in an Old Program (until Spring 2023)

Students enrolled in the 90-ECTS program, the 60-ECTS programs with specialization (either Literature or Linguistics), and the 30-ECTS programs can continue in the old programs, but only until the spring semester 2023. (After the spring semester 2023, students who were unable to finish an old program will have to swap to a new program. It is therefore advisable to try and finish before the spring 2023.)

Important Note:

Students may also choose to switch to one of the two new programs at any point during their studies. However, before doing so, one should contact the Advisor of Studies.

Weiterführende Informationen

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Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

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