Introduction to The Tempest (at Theater Winterthur)

Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 6.45 p.m.

Place: Theater Winterthur

Prof. Dr. Ana Sobral & Dr. des. Johannes Riquet

More information on the production is available on the website of the Theater Winterthur.

Event Report

"On 15th March, Ana and I gave a 30-minute introduction to Shakespeare's The Tempest at the Theater Winterthur. About 140 people attended the event and the audience was very mixed (among others, there were ES staff and students, English teachers, Gymnasium students, expats, and theatre fans). We introduced the audience to the New World contexts of the play - such as the Roanoke voyages in the 1580s - and its aftereffects in postcolonial cultural memories. Our main goals were to show how the play negotiates England's initially precarious hold on the New World, and how its perceived colonial content has been appropriated and rewritten by postcolonial authors."

Dr. des Johannes Riquet, 23.03.2016