Over Her Dead Body Redux: Feminism for the 21st Century

25 years after the publication of Elisabeth Bronfen's influential book Over Her Dead Body: Death, Femininity and the Aesthetic, this symposium wants to revisit the theoretical creativity, playfulness and potential of 1990s feminism and gender studies. A quarter of a century later, and in the face of 21st-century turmoil, backlashes and protests, how can we reevaluate our feminist positions, what aspects need to be upheld, what concepts need to be reassessed? For this timely conversation, we have invited an illustrious, international group of intellectuals to discuss questions concerning the relationship between feminism, aesthetics, representation, and rhetorics, the shifts and changes – for better or for worse – that have occurred between the 1990s and today, as well as potential visions for the future.

Please note: We have changed the room for Saturday, we are now in the main building KOL-F-101.

Symposium Organizers:

Barbara Straumann, Hannah Schoch, Daniela Janser

Over Her Dead Body Redux - Program (PDF, 2 MB)

Friday, October 20, 2017

KO2-F-180 / KOL-F-180 (live feed) / KOL-F-117 (live feed)











Conference Opening

Welcome Address

Corine Mauch, Stadtpräsidentin Zürich

Michael Hengartner, Rektor UZH


Judith Butler, Berkeley: ”Grievability and Resistance: Over Whose Dead Body?“

Roundtable Discussion

Elisabeth Bronfen, Judith Butler, Mandy Merck, Barbara Vinken: “25 Years for Better or Worse? 1990s Feminism Revisited”

Saturday, October 21, 2017

RAA-G-101 Room has been changed. NEW: KOL-F-101 (main building)!

09:45 Welcome




Mandy Merck, London: ”Over his Weiner: The Melodrama of the Political Phallus from the 1990s to Now”










Gesine Krüger, Zurich:

“The Dead Will Not Arise. History, Literature and a South African Prophetess”

Alessandra Violi, Bergamo:

”Ghosting Her Dead Body“

Isabel Gil, Lisbon:

“Theory in a Post-theoretical World. Beyoncé and the Afterlife of Over Her Dead Body

12:45 Lunch Break






Roundtable Discussion (auf Deutsch)         Moderation: Simone Meier

Johannes Binotto, Film Bulletin

Kathleen Bühler, Kunstmuseum Bern

Güzin Kar, Autorin und Regisseurin

Nur über ihre Leiche – ein Nachleben in Kunst, Film und Forschung “





Barbara Vinken, Munich:

”Over His Dead Body: A New Covenant for the Art of Love? Puccini's Tosca“




Film Screening

“Women, Fatality and Beds. A Found Footage Film”

by Thomas Julier and Elisabeth Bronfen



Concluding Talk

Elisabeth Bronfen: “Over Her Dead Body Redux“

18:00 Conclusion and Apéro Riche

Please register for the symposium by October 1, 2017: hannah.schoch@es.uzh.ch (Betreff/Re: Over Her Dead Body 2017 Registration). Please let us know which days/times you plan to attend.

With generous financial support from:

English Department, Interuniversitäres Doktoratsprogramm Gender Studies, Hochschulstiftung UZH, Kulturanalyse, Zentrum Künste und Kulturtheorie (ZKK), SNF, UZH Alumni