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English Department

Mission Statement – Services

The English Department’s services team strives to provide friendly, efficient, and reliable services to students, members of staff, and third parties. We are committed to the highest professional standards, cover a range of different functions and undertake continuous training relating to our specific areas of expertise.

Research, Teaching, Personnel, Finances, and Infrastructure

Excellence in research and teaching, as well as the well-being of members of staff, depend on the smooth functioning of the working environment. We ensure this through a broad range of activities: coordinating the teaching program, reserving rooms, acquiring and maintaining work equipment (incl. network and IT-security), writing minutes, providing advice on curriculum development, assisting individuals and project teams in managing funds and expenses, and offering specialized counselling for research projects (e.g. concerning statistics or computing and corpus infrastructure).

Study Advising

The services team provides both local and visiting students with the required information and advice regarding all matters concerning their studies, including advice on specific courses or modules, framework regulations for different programmes, stay abroad options, and general university processes. Additionally, the team provides referral services for students to ensure access to further academic advising, counselling, and other student services at UZH.

Communication and Information

The English Department’s services team aims to provide accurate and thorough information for current and prospective students at Bachelor and Master level, as well as for exchange students. To ensure access to quality information, it makes use of resources such as an up-to-date departmental website, targeted mailings, posters and flyers, as well as information meetings for students and staff. In addition, the team coordinates and advertises events for the department’s Alumni chapter, the Swiss Centre of Irish Studies, and other activities organized by members of staff.

Liaising with Internal and External Partners

The services team liaises between staff, students and UZH central services. It collaborates and communicates with other UZH teams and departments (e.g. central IT services, the Abteilung Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen, or other study programmes in related fields of inquiry), as well as external institutions (e.g. local schools, Swiss and international universities, and government agencies).

The English Department also liaises closely with the Zurich University of Teacher Education (and provides teaching in English linguistics and literature aimed at future secondary school teachers of English (Sekundarstufe I). Our two coordinators are responsible for the curriculum offered to PHZH students and regularly teach lectures and seminars.


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