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Annina Seiler

Annina Seiler, Dr.

  • Research Associate
+41 44 634 35 05


Annina Seiler joined the English Seminar of the University of Zurich as Academic Associate in 2009. She holds an MA in German Linguistics and Literature, English Linguistics and Comparative Germanic Philology, and a PhD in English Linguistics from the University of Zurich. Annina wrote her doctoral dissertation at the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Mediality on the scripting of the Germanic languages with a special focus on Old English and Old High German.

Currently, she works on a research project entitled "Glossaries: Lexicography in the English Middle Ages" funded by the Forschungskredit Postdoc of the University of Zurich. In this project Annina investigates glossaries and dictionaries from the early Anglo-Saxon period to the end of the Middle Ages. Annina is particularly interested in the role of English in medieval lexicography and its relation to other languages, most notably Latin and French.

Her general research interests include: History of the English language, Old and Middle English language and literature, the West Germanic languages, orality and literacy in the Middle Ages, the functions of writing and the connections between roman and runic script, the history of linguistic thought.

Annina Seiler is married to Ludwig Rübekeil. In her leisure time, she is an enthusiastic ice skater in a local synchronized skating team.


Annina Seiler on Old English in the Abbey Library in St. Gallen:



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Seiler, Annina. 2007. ‘Runstafas und litterae auf altenglischen Münzen.’ In: Paul Michel (ed.). Festgabe für Stefan Sonderegger zum 80. Geburtstag. Zurich: 2007 [private publication]

Seiler, Annina. 2003. Nordisch-englische Wortpaare, oder: “Egges or eyren, what sholde a man now wryte?” Unpublished licentiate thesis, submitted to the Faculty of Arts, University of Zurich.



Historical Word-Formation (MA Pflichtseminar, SS19)

Investigating Language Change (MA Pflichtseminar, SS18)

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (MA Pflichtseminar, AS17)

Text Types in the History of English (BA Seminar, AS17)

Writing and Literacy in Anglo-Saxon England (BA Seminar, SS17)

History of the Dictionary (BA Seminar, AS16)

Introduction to Old and Middle English (BA Seminar, regularly)


PHZH (as subject coordinator for English Linguistics)

English Linguistics I: The Structure and the History of English (Lecture)

English Linguistics II: Standard and Variation (Seminar)

Reading Historical English Texts (Compulsory-elective module)

Language Change (Compulsory-elective module)

The English Vocabulary (Compulsory-elective module)