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English Department

Christina Ljungberg

Dr. Christina Ljungberg, Prof.

  • Titularprofessorin für Englische und Amerikanische Literaturwissenschaft

Portrait and Research Interests

Christina Ljungberg studied first at Lund University and later at the University of Zurich, where she received her PhD in 1998 and her Habilitation in 2008. She has worked in Cultural Programming with Swedish and Canadian Television and has been teaching English literature at the University of Zurich since 1995. She is the coordinator of the Iconicity Research Project (together with Prof. Dr. Olga Fischer, University of Amsterdam), member of the Expert Group at the Forum for Intermediality Studies, Linnaeus University (, and General Editor of the series “Iconicity in Language and Literature (ILL)” (John Benjamins). She is also a Fellow of the Myrifield Institute for Cognition and the Arts (

Her new project, "Imaginary Wanderings - Making the invisible visible", concerns the development of a new type of interactive cultural communication, She is also currently preparing a collection of essays on the interrelations between verbal and visual media.



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In preparation

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