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English Department

Eva Zehentner

Eva Zehentner, Dr.

  • SNF Postdoc & Academic Associate in English Linguistics
+41 44 634 36 72
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Eva Zehentner is a historical English linguist currently working as a post-doc researcher in an SNF-funded project on prepositions in argument structure:

Before Zurich, she held positions at the University of Vienna, Austria, where she also got her PhD at the English department in 2016. From 2017-2020, Eva Zehentner was a lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at the University of York, UK. 

Her main research focus is on diachronic morphosyntax from Middle to Late Modern English; she particularly likes syntactic alternations, and cognitive-functional explanations for their emergence and loss. The specific theoretical approaches Eva Zehentner uses are usage-based, cognitive (diachronic) construction grammar, as well as evolutionary linguistics. As for methods, she is first and foremost a quantitative corpus linguist, but also has a keen interest in others, such as evolutionary game theory.


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