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English Department

Sarah Chevalier

Sarah Chevalier, PD Dr.

  • Privatdozentin for English Linguistics


Sarah Chevalier holds a BA in modern languages from the University of Sydney, as well as a Lizenziat in English and French Linguistics and Literature, and a doctorate and habilitation in English Linguistics from the University of Zurich.

Her research interests are the social and regional varieties of English, onomastics, bi- and multilingualism, language attitudes and language acquisition. Sarah Chevalier's doctoral thesis Ava to Zac: A Sociolinguistic Study of Given Names and Nicknames in Australia explored the formation, use and social meanings of personal names. Her habilitation was concerned with the acquisition of three languages by very young children.

Sarah Chevalier has taught linguistics at all levels, with a focus on sociolinguistics and multilingualism. Lectures and seminars taught in recent years include Language Policy, Language Socialisation, First Language Acquisition, Bilingual Language Acquisition, Attitudes to Language, Australian English, Writing Systems, Intercultural Communication, and Terms of Address.


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Research in the Media

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