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English Department

Sprachakzess Examination

The Sprachakzess Examination, which is an obligatory part of the Grundstudium for all Lizentiat students, is no longer offered in its original form. Lizentiat students who have not passed the Sprachakzess Examination must now successfully complete the first semester (i.e. autumn semester) of the Language Skills and Culture Module.

In this module, students are placed into streams according to their abilities (see Language Skills and Culture description). In order to be placed in the appropriate stream, all students must take the Freshers' Test, which takes place at the beginning of the autumn semester. Based on the results of the Freshers Test, students will be informed whether they are required to take one (writing), two (writing and usage), or three (writing, usage, and grammar) language classes in addition to the fortnightly lecture on British and American culture. Registration: Lizentiat students must not enroll online: they should contact Shane Walshe or sign up with the instructors directly.

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