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English Department

ES Website Update: Studienordnung Reform HS 13

A new section has been added to the English Department website outlining the expected changes to the programme regulations that will come into force under the Bologna reform in the HS 13. Please note that all Bachelor and Master students of English Literature and Linguistics will be affected by this change, irrespective of when they first matriculated.

Students are advised to read the relevant section of the website with care, since in certain cases, some of the implications of the HS 13 change may affect your course choices in the FS 13.

The website is for informative purposes only: the binding information can be found in the Faculty 'Rahmenverordnung' (Framework ordinance) and 'Studienordnung' (Programme regulations). The information will be updated regularly throughout the FS 13 as the groundwork for the transition process gets under way. You are therefore advised to check this section of the website regularly for the latest updates.