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English Department

Further Education for Gymnasium Teachers: "American Exceptionalism"

America has from its very beginnings thought of itself as exceptional. In this course, we will ask what makes for this claim as we trace how the American experience is imagined in literature, film, the visual arts and other cultural artefacts. Our aim will be to isolate some of the core myths upon which American culture is based, including the myth of the discovery of a "New World", the Puritan myth of the Promised Land, the idea of perfectionism and the so-called American Dream. Recognizing how these myths continue to shape America’s self-definition as an exceptional nation today is crucial to understand – and teach – American culture.

Place: Zentrum für Weiterbildung UZH, Schaffhauserstrasse 228, 8057 Zürich

Date: March 16, 2015 (9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.)

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