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English Department

PhD Workshop on Failure

This writing workshop will address the everyday challenges and difficulties of academic research and writing. The topic of 'failure' will be approached from a constructive perspective, foregrounding the opportunities and alternative avenues opened up precisely by moments of writer's block, 'mistakes' or 'wrong ideas' we all face in the long process of writing a dissertation, book or article. Using the framework and techniques borrowed from improvisation theatre, we will explore practical solutions to the fear and the experience of 'failure'. This will therefore be a workshop that fosters openness, creativity and play.

Please sign up for/book this workshop by March 15 as places are limited (

  • Friday, 23rd March, 2018, PLH-E-5

16:15-18:00 (followed by an apéro): “Failure: Academic Pressures and Challenges” Input and Discussion. Ana Sobral

(preparatory reading will be circulated)

  • Saturday, 24th March, 2018, PLH-E-5

10:00-16:00 (incl. lunch break): “Failure, Improvisation and Creativity”

Input and Activities. Daniela Landert

  • Evening (optional)

Improv-Theater “Die Enthüllung”, Langkult (Langstr. 113a) 20:00