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Iva Dimovska (Budapest): Lecture at the Zurich James Joyce Foundation

The Zurich James Joyce Foundation invites all those interested to a lecture by the former ZJJF scholar Iva Dimovska (Central European University, Budapest): “its just like yesterday to me”: Queering ‘Penelope’

In this talk Iva will offer a close-reading of ‘Penelope’, focusing on the way Molly relives the past by using her sexual relationships as a vehicle for queering time.
Iva Dimovska’s project examines the role time has as a transmitter of queerness in ‘Penelope’. Analyzing the ways in which queerness, as an aspect of non-normative sexuality, introduces anti-linear timelines in ‘Penelope’, she argues that queer time is a significant narrative dimension of the modernist novel.

Place: Zurich James Joyce Foundation, Augustinergasse 9 CH-8001 Zürich

Time: Tues, 3 December 2019, 7.30 p.m.

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