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English Department

Women, Money and Markets (1600-1900) - "Female Economies"

4th Annual Conference, 09 - 11 June 2021 - University of Zurich (UZH)

As in previous years, the conference will address women’s relationship to money and their participation in trade, banking, finance, forms of investment, speculation, gambling, consumerism, business and household management, wage labour, care work, charity and various other practices of exchange. The conference is interdisciplinary in nature, bridging literature, material culture, gender studies, economic history and feminist economics, and aims to relate the debates of past periods to modern-day issues concerning the presence and position of women in the economy and media.

Conference Organisers:

Professor Barbara Straumann, English Department, UZH
Dr Eva Brugger, History Department, UZH
Olivia Biber, M.A., English Department/Gender Studies, UZH

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Women, Money and Markets (1600-1900)

Women, Money and Markets 1600-1900 Konferenz - UZH, 09 - 11 June 2021