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Learning Portfolios: Facets and Uses of Formative Assessments


The Learning Portfolio project formed part of the strategische Lehrkredit project "Leistungsnachweise im Curriculum (LiCu)" by UZH's Hochschuldidaktik. More information is available on the LiCu Project Website.

Project Description

At UZH, learning portfolios are one of the assessment formats stipulated by the framework regulations, as an alternative to more traditional types of module assessment (e.g. exams or essays).

This Learning Portfolio project:


Aliena Gnehm


Aliena Gnehm, B.A.


Aliena Gnehm was the project coordinator of the Lehrkredit Lernportfolio Projekt. She holds BA in English Literature and Linguistics and Political Science from UZH and, at the time, was pursuing a UZH Master’s degree in English Literature and Cultural Analysis.



Martin Mühlheim

Dr. Martin Mühlheim

Project Leader

More information is available on Martin Mühlheim's website.



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