Edward Quillinan, "Near Schaffhausen: Her Favourite Flowers" (1853)

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Editorial Note

This poem is one from a sequence of eight, seven of which also explicitly reference places in Switzerland:

"Short Poems in Memory of Jemima A. D. Quillinan, Who Died in May 1822"

  1. "Madness, if thou wilt let me dwell"
  2. "Near Lauffenberg"
  3. "Near Schaffhausen: Her Favourite Flowers"
  4. "Society: Berne"
  5. "Schwytz"
  6. "The Lake of Lauwertz"
  7. "Berne"
  8. "Lausanne"

Jemima Quillinan (*13 July 1973) was the poet's wife, who died on May 25, 1822, a few days after she suffered grave injuries when her gown caught fire (Johnston xxix).

  • Source: Johnston, William. "Memoir of Edmund Quillinan." Poems. By Edward Quillinan. London: Edward Moxon, 1853. xi-xivi.