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English Department

Application Guidelines

UZH Bachelor and Master students of English Literature and/or Linguistics can use the application form below to apply for support from the ES Alumni Student Fund.

Note: All information is subject to change without prior notification. Support will be granted based on the criteria outlined below, as funds allow.

Application Guidelines

The following types of applications may be considered for support, as finances allow:

  • travel costs for conference attendance, field research, or similar (usually max. CHF 150.-);
  • contribution towards material for research projects;
  • projects providing curricular support for students of English;
  • study-related cultural events;
  • travel costs for study exchanges outside of Europe (max. CHF 200.-, except for our partner universities in Halifax and Auckland, where the max. is CHF 500.-);
  • course-related excursions (max. CHF 50.- per student).

The ES Alumni Student Fund does not support social events (e.g. student parties).

Note: Attendance of summer schools can only be considered if (a) there is a very close link between a current research project and the summer school in question (e.g. topic of the Master Thesis), or (b) there is a very close connection between the UZH English Department and a given summer school (e.g. the Trieste Joyce School has ties to the Zurich James Joyce Foundation).


  1. Applications must be submitted in advance. It is not usually possible to receive an ES Alumni Student Fund grant if a project has already been completed.
  2. Applicants must request a specific amount of money. The maximum amount is CHF 500.- (but see "Application Guidelines" above for details).
  3. Please submit your application by email.
  4. The Chapter Coordinators, in consultation with the Head of Department, decide whether or not an application can be supported. They will notify the applicants of the decision. If a request has been granted, the Chapter Coordinators will also specify the maximum amount of financial support the project will receive.
  5. The Chapter Coordinators' decision is final. Applicants cannot appeal the decision.
  6. Successful applicants must document their expenses (e.g. collect receipts, bills, etc.). Only documented expenses will be reimbursed.

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Becoming a Member

Simply use the UZH Alumni Portal and choose "Alumni Chapter English Studies" in the drop-down menu.

ES Alumni Student Fund: Donations

Donations to the ES Alumni Student Fund are highly appreciated. Please contact us via email or use the donation form.