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English Department

Workshops in English Linguistics

Overview of Topics

The topics listed below have been suggested by members and affiliates of the UZH English Department.

  1. English around the Globe: World Englishes for the Classroom
  2. Old and Middle English: Reading Medieval Manuscripts in the Classroom
  3. Ongoing Language Change: A Contemporary View on English
  4. Putting English on the Map: Language in Time and Space
  5. Shakespeare's English: Early Modern English in Context
  6. The English Language in the Asian Century: Challenging the Traditional Canon
  7. The UK Off the Beaten Track: Including Non-Mainstream Varieties in Teaching
  8. Towards a Richer Understanding of Intercultural Communication
  9. Using Corpus Linguistic Methods in the Advanced Learner Classroom
  10. Where, When, How, and Why Language Changes: English Over Time

Please send an email to if you'd be interested in booking one of these workshops, or if you are looking for a workshop on a topic that does not appear in this list.

How to Book a Workshop

See our Continuing Education overview page for more information on how to book a workshop for your school.