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English Department

Workshops in English Literature

Overview of Topics

The topics listed below have been suggested by members and affiliates of the UZH English Department.

  1. American Studies: A Critical View of the Ubiquity of American Culture & Politics
  2. Close Reading 2.0: Textual Analysis With Multimedia Tools
  3. Disease and Depression in English Literature
  4. Dystopian Novels in English & American Literature in the 20th and 21st Century
  5. Film and Adaptation: A Toolbox
  6. Holistic Media Literacy: The Potential of Video Games & New Media in Teaching
  7. Irish Literature: Historical Contexts and Teachable Texts
  8. Postcolonial Literature: From History and Theory to Classroom Activities
  9. Project America: Literature, Political Culture, Cinema
  10. Reading and Teaching Film Language
  11. Science and Fiction: Exploring Robots, Cyborgs, and Artificial Intelligence
  12. Shakespeare and His Adaptations on Screen
  13. Teaching Comics and Graphic Novels
  14. Videoessay, Podcast, Meme: New Forms of Media in Teaching Literature
  15. Zurich in Anglophone Literatures

Please send an email to if you'd be interested in booking one of these workshops, or if you are looking for a workshop on a topic that does not appear in this list.

How to Book a Workshop

See our Continuing Education overview page for more information on how to book a workshop for your school.