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The use of the ES server is regulated in the REIM (Reglement über den Einsatz von Informatikmitteln UZH).

The English Seminar Corpus server and the corpora accessible through it are available for personal, academic and non-commercial use only.


By using the ES Corpus Sever, you agree:

- to use the corpora only for non-commercial, academic, non-profit research purposes,

- to acknowledge the use of the corpus material and the ES corpus server interface in all publications reporting on results produced with the help of the English Seminar Corpus server,

- not to disclose corpus material to third parties, except for those parts of the corpora or documentation that are explicitly marked for public use, and except for small numbers of example sentences in scientific publications

- and to keep your access credentials confidential.

Access to the ES corpus server will cease with your employment or enrollment at University of Zurich.

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