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English Department

Scan Station

Scanner for ES Staff PLH 200 PET U106


The scanners in room PLH 200 and PET U102 are available for members of staff.

There is a computer connected to the scanners with software for document processing. The service is restricted to the staff of the English Seminar.

At Plattenstrasse 47, there is a book scanner for books and single sheets up to A3 as well as a sheet-fed scanner that can scan batches of up to 50 pages up to A4 in double or single side mode.

At Pestalozzistrasse, there is a sheet-fed scanner as well as an A3 flat-bed scanner.

Where possible, we have prepared ready-made presets for different tasks. Please make sure that the desired preset is selected before scanning. Let us know if you would like a different preset for a specific task.



Manual Flat-bed Scanner (PDF, 144 KB)

Manual Book Scanner (PDF, 1 MB)

Manual Sheetfed Scanner (PDF, 714 KB)