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Master: Before Graduation

Step 1: Check Whether You Fulfill the Program Requirements

The requirements for the Master program in English Literature and/or Linguistics are outlined on the English Department website:

Requirements for the Master Major (90 ECTS)

Requirements for the Master Minor (30 ECTS)


  • You must fulfill the program requirements of both programs you study (i.e. Major and Minor).
  • The graduation process does not start automatically, i.e. you need to do a so-called self-audit in order to 'kick off' the graduation process (see step 2 for details),

Step 2: Self-Audit in the UZH "Study Progress & Graduation" App

As of the fall semester 2022, students wishing to graduate need to do a so-called self-audit, using the UZH's "Study Progress & Graduation" app (in German: "Studienfortschritt & -abschluss").

In theory, you can start the self-audit as soon as all the modules you need have been graded. In practice, this will be the case toward the end of the corresponding semester - specifically, for students wishing to graduate at the end of the ...

  • fall semester: from c. mid- to late January;
  • the spring semester: from c. mid- to late July.

We strongly recommend that you do the self-audit as early as possible.

  • While it is possible to do the self-audit later than end of January / end of July, late self-audits may lead to delayed diplomas (esp. in the case of the fall semester).
  • Note that Additional Requirements (i.e. Auflagen) are not included in the self-audit app and must be checked manually. Additional requirements are listed in the Letter of Admission (Zulassungsschriben).

More information on how to register for graduation is available at and on the website of the UZH Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Weiterführende Informationen

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Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

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