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English Department

Master: Literature? Linguistics? Or Both?

Focus Areas

UZH Master students of English (Major and Minor) can choose on which area of study they would like to focus in the course of their studies:

  • English Literature only
  • English Linguistics only
  • English Literature and English Linguistics

Each of these three basic tracks is outlined in more detail in the section for First-Year Students.

Choosing One's Focus Area: Important Considerations

While UZH Master students of English are free to pursue any of the three tracks mentioned above, there are some basic caveats that need to be borne in mind:

  • The prerequisites for the Master program in English Literature and/or Linguistics (Major or Minor) are always the same (i.e. even if one wishes to focus on English Linguistics or English Literature only, one still has to fulfill the prerequisites in the other field, or make up for the missing prerequisites with additional requirements at UZH).
  • Future candidates for the Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen are strongly recommended to pursue the 'mixed' track (i.e. to take Master-level courses in English Literature and in English Linguistics).


Prospective students may also be interested in the following programs:

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Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

Career Brochure: Alumni Portraits

prepared by the Fachverein Anglistik (FAVA), and available for download here.

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