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English Department

Inbound Students

Current Inbound Students: Welcome to the UZH English Department

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all exchange students who have decided to come to Zurich and study at the UZH English Department. The department was established in 1887 (as the “Romanisch-Englisches Seminar”) and currently accommodates ca. 1000 students. This makes it not only the oldest, but also the largest English Department in Switzerland and one of the larger departments in the German-speaking part of Europe.

Prospective Inbound Students: How to Apply

If you would like to study in Zurich for one or two semesters, you can either apply via an official exchange agreement between your home university and the UZH, or you can organize your studies at UZH independently as a visiting student.

In any case, students from outside Switzerland who would like to study in our department should check the website of the Global Student Experience Office of the UZH to find out which exchange programme would be suitable for them.

Your Exchange at English Department: General Information

Whether you are a prospective or current exchange or guest student at the UZH English Department, you can find useful information in our department's welcome sheet (PDF, 472 KB) and the guideline for inbound students. Please make sure that you consult all the relevant information online before you contact the stay abroad coordinator.