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English Department Daniel Schreier

PhD supervision

ca 75 MA theses supervised at UZH (2007-).


External PhD examination for Trinity College Dublin (Lowai Ghazi Abed 2018), University of Cambridge (Jussi Wikstrom 2015), University of Bern.


PhD supervision:

(23) Egli-Dürsteler, Mirjam (in progress). "Nepalese English: Foreign Language, Second Language or Lingua Franca?"(co-supervised with David Britain; Univ. of Bern)

(22) Loras, Vicky (in progress). “From the Yukon to the Maritimes: The phonetics of Canadian Raising and Canadian Shift in Standard Canadian English and Indigenous Englishes.” (co-supervised with Adrian Leemann; Univ. of Bern)

(21) Schmalz, Mirjam (in progress, compl. 2021). “Perceptions of English varieties in St. Kitts: From colonial standards to local norms.” (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)

(20) Pesántez, Alejandra (in progress). "The effect of the amount of exposure to English as a foreign language: production of the English vowels by learners of different English levels.” (co-supervised with Volker Dellwo; UZH)

(19) Xie Fang (in progress). "Evaluating compliments: Variability of compliment perceptions across cultures and personalities." (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)

(18) Popov, Alexander (2019). “Live Sports commentating: A comparative study of cricket, football, horse racing and tennis commentaries.” (co-supervised with Udo Fries; UZH)

(17) Ang-Tschachtli, Silja (2018). “Bilingual couples in interaction.” (co-supervised with Andreas Fischer; UZH)

(16) Lehmann, Hans-Martin (2017). "Syntactic variation, change, and lexical preference: a corpus-based study.” (co-supervised with Marianne Hundt; UZH)

(15) Staley, Larssyn (2017). Socieconomic pragmatic variation: Speech acts and address forms in context.” (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)

(14) Staicov, Adina (2016). I feel like I’m a born again Chinese – but kinda fake.” Ethnic identity construction in San Francisco Chinatown’s diaspora community.” (co-supervised with Martin Dusinberre and Marianne Hundt; UZH)

(13) Ulzega, Lenka (2015). “Rhodesian English in London.” (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)

(12) Perez Inofuentes, Danae (2015). “From Gringo to Guarango: Language Shift in a Former Anglophone Community in Paraguay.” (co-supervised with Peter Finke and Marianne Hundt; UZH)

(11) Eberle, Nicole (2015). “’They’re trying to hear English, which they are hearing, but it’s Bermudian English’: Bermudian English – origins and variation.” (co-supervised with David Britain, Univ. of Bern, and Marianne Hundt; UZH)

(10) Hsiu-Hui Chang, Sophie (2015). “Native and non-native teachers’ discourse in EFL classroom: with special reference to code-switching and the use of OK.” (co-supervised with Andreas Fischer; UZH)

(9) Rathore, Claudia (2013). “Dialect variation and change in the Diaspora. A sociophonetic study of the East African Indian community in Leicester, UK.” (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)

(8) Hartmann, Claudio (2013). “Pre-fabricated speech as long-term memory solutions to working memory overload in routine language.” (co-supervised with Udo Fries; UZH)

(7) Studer-Joho, Nicole (2012). “Diffusion and change in Early Middle English: Methodological and theoretical implications from the LAEME Corpus of Tagged Texts.” (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)

(6) Fischli, Patrik (2011). “Metapragmatics in the Foreign Language Classroom.” (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)

(5) Baur, Michaela (2011). "Linguistic needs, tutoring options and suppport mechanisms: A framework of an ESP course for foreign football players in the English Premier League." (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)

(4) Boege Hubbell-Weinhold, Juliet (2010). “Code switching in school-aged children: Elicitation and typology.” (co-supervised with Andreas Fischer; UZH)

(3) Gonçalves, Kellie (2009). "Language, positioning and identity performance among intercultural couples: An interactional approach to doing Swiss." (co-supervised with Richard J. Watts; Univ. of Bern)

(2) Klevarová, Darina (2008). “Variation in yod pronunciation: a comparative study.” (co-supervised with Andreas Fischer; UZH)

(1) Aeschbacher, Claudia (2008): „are you still awake... ?“: Investigating the contextuality of personal written communication." (co-supervised with Andreas H. Jucker; UZH)