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English Department Daniel Schreier

Teaching: Courses taught at University level (1998-)


University of Zurich (2006-)

  • BA courses: Introduction to English Linguistics I and II, Language and Culture, Language Change
  • MA courses: African American English; The Phonology of World English: Issues and Sample Analysis; Language and Culture; Variationist Sociolinguistics; Pidgin and Creole Linguistics; English in the Classroom; English Language Policies; The Lesser-known Varieties of English; Out of Africa; Sociolinguistic Variation in the British Isles; Applied Sociolinguistics; Postcolonial Varieties of English; Regional, Social and Ethnic varieties of American English; English Language Myths; Sociolinguistic Variation in the British Isles; Dialect Typology
  • Lectures: Global English: Diffusion, Diversity and Change; Introduction to English Linguistics; Language and Meaning; The Rise (and Fall?) of Standard English; Varieties of American English; Experimental Phonetics and Sound Change; The New Englishes; English as a Contact Language; Principles of Dialectology; Principles of Language Change; English Phonetics and Phonology; English in a Multilingual World


Previous teaching at Universities in the USA, New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland:

  • University of Bern, Switzerland (2005-6): BA courses: English Historical Linguistics; Macrolinguistics: Sociolinguistics, Psycho- and Neurolinguistics, Anthropological Linguistics; MA courses: Research Methodology and Methods of Analysis; English Phonology and Accents of English; Lectures: Historical Variation in English; English Words: History, Structure and Usage
  • University of Regensburg, Germany (2003-5): BA courses: Introduction to English Linguistics; Language Change; Historical Linguistics: Approaches, Theories, Methods; English in North America: Sociolinguistic Perspectives; English Morphology; Semantics and Pragmatics
  • University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand (2002): Sociolinguistics (Tutorials)
  • North Carolina State University, USA (2001): A History of the English language (BA)
  • University of Fribourg, Switzerland (1998-2000): Sociolinguistics; English in the Southern Hemisphere; Dialects and Accents in the British Isles; Bilingualism (BA)