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English Department

Early Modern Research Team

Lukas Arnold

Antoinina Bevan Zlatar specialises in early modern prose and poetry in its political, religious and cultural contexts. She completed her Habilitation in 2023 entitled ‘Envisioning Words in the long Seventeenth Century’ which focused on John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Reformation image debates.

Larissa Bison is completing her BA in English Literature and Linguistics and Biomedicine. She is a student assistant to Dr Anne-Claire Michoux for the Robinson Library project.

Ann-Sophie Bosshard 

Isabel Karremann is a specialist for the literature and culture of the Renaissance and the long Eighteenth century. She is currently busy putting together two essay collections on memory, affect and space in early modern drama, and has launched a new book series from the research project on the Feminist Enlightenment. The Robinson-Library project allows her to indulge her interest in the literary history of globalization and the digital humanities.

Timothy Holden has completed his BA in English and History at the University of Würzburg (Germany), and, as an exchange student in 2019-20, reading English at St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge. Currently, he is writing his MA-Thesis on the soundscapes of early modern hunting in Shakespeare's plays. As part of the Early Modern Research Team, he is mainly working on the SCAPES-project. 

Jifeng Huang

Anne-Claire Michoux specialises in eighteenth-century and Romantic British and Irish literature, with a particular focus on women's writing. Her research interests include, among others, the novel, theatrical culture and literary coteries. Her current project explores the ways in which female speech was represented on the British and Irish stage and how women participated in and shaped the theatrical culture of the long eighteenth century. She is the project leader for the innovative teaching project "The Robinson-Library: Literature in Digital Mediation".

Beatrice Montedoro specialises in seventeenth-century drama. Her research interests lie in the history of reading, material culture, book history and digital humanities. She is currently working on a project dedicated to the re-appropriation of drama in novel dramatic and non-dramatic material contexts and sites of performance.