Teaching: Further Education


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Teaching: Further Education


The following is a complete list of the further education courses for Gymnasium teachers that Martin Mühlheim has taught.

Upcoming Courses

2020 27.03. Film and Adaptation: A Toolbox (for English & German t.b.a.

Past Courses

Note: Short inputs (i.e. less than an hour) are marked with an asterisk (*).

2020 27.01. Comics and Graphic Novels: From Critical Analyses to Classroom Activities UZH Weiterbildung
2019 13.03. (Beyond) Coming of Age - co-taught with Franziska Zeller UZH Weiterbildung
2018 18.04. Film and Adaptation: A Toolbox UZH Weiterbildung
  18.01. Analyzing Comics & Graphic Novels: A Crash Course* HSGYM
2017 09.02. Film and Adaptation Kantonsschule Zürich Nord