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English Department

Signing of Transition Contracts

In the autumn semester of this year, a new Studienordnung will be introduced. All existing Bachelor and Master students are obliged to transfer into this new Studienordnung. As a result, with the exception of those who intend to graduate at the end of the current spring semester (FS 13), each student will be required to sign a transitional contract for English Literature and/or Linguistics. The contract will define the terms under which they will continue their studies by listing the modules they still need to complete in order to fulfil the new requirements for graduation.

Each student will need individually to meet with a member of the English Department advising of studies team in order to discuss the terms of the transitional agreement, which will be based on the modules the student has already booked or completed. Students will find the time and location of your allocated appointment in the document available for download on the ES website: We recommend using the search function to find one's name or matriculation number within the document.

The need to have an individual meeting with some 800 students is a very time-consuming undertaking, and usually, there can therefore be no negotiation over the time of the appointment: it is simply not feasible to offer alternative options to all students. We realise that this means clashes with classes or work may be inevitable, so we have added an explanatory text to each page of the timetable to help students support their case with their tutor or employer.

Students who can provide evidence of their inability to attend their assigned appointment may submit a request for a different time slot via es_reform2013(at) (We trust that this option will be exploited only in exceptional circumstances.)

• Students are asked to arrive promptly for the time slot they have been allocated.

• Students should bring a print-out of their current student records for English, and their Legi.

• They may collect a copy of the signed contract three days after the appointment from the ES Sekretariat. Students must collect the document before the end of May, and this copy of the contract safely for their own records.

• If students have had work accredited from other universities, and are not listed in a “CW” group (on April 29th), they should please let us know at es_reform2013(at) before the 5th April.

Special cases:

- Students graduating in the FS 13

Since the Anmeldung zum Abschluss period for the FS 13 is not yet complete (March 30th), we do not know which students are planning to graduate at the end of this semester. Therefore, their names will still appear on the appointment list. If a student does wish to graduate at the end of the FS 2013, he or she does not need to sign a transitional contract, BUT MUST send an e-mail to es_reform2013(at) by April 5th at the latest to inform us that he or she will not attend the appointment. Students who plan to graduate at the end of FS 2013 are asked to include the following information in the mail:

Name, matriculation number, English Fachformat, date and time of the planned appointment.

- Mobility students

We have removed the names of all students who we know are currently studying abroad. It is possible, however, that some may have slipped through the net. If a student is not currently studying in Zurich and is therefore unable to attend the allocated appointment, then he or she should please contact us at: es_reform2013(at) immediately.

It is imperative that the accreditation of modules done elsewhere in the FS 13 is completed as soon as possible upon the student's return to Zurich, so as not to hinder your further studies in the HS 13. Upon return to Switzerland, such students should please contact our Study Abroad Coordinator as soon as they can.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.