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English Department

PhD Workshop on Queenship

Point of departure for this workshop on queenship (7-8 June) is a discussion of the cultural survival of Elizabeth I, in regard particularly to her portraits and self-­performances. At issue is what Mieke Bal has called doing history preposterously, which is to say looking at a set of representations through the lens of their subsequent recyclings. This touches on the manner in which Shakespeare’s plays obliquely represent his sovereign as well as the literary and cinematic texts that have revisited and reconceived her, splicing together historical re-­imagination with contemporary concerns.

In this two-­day workshop, a set of prominent scholars will present papers on the issue of queenship so as to open up discussions on what is at stake in the gendering of sovereignty. While not limited to England’s Virgin Queen, the cases presented will help us seek out both historical specificity as well as explore the interface between political power and mediality.

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