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Bachelor Thesis: New Guidelines

The guidelines for the new Bachelor Thesis module (15 ECTS) are now available online.

Note: Students who completed a Bachelor Thesis Seminar in the spring semester 2019 are strongly recommended to take the old Bachelor Thesis version (9 ECTS). Only by taking the old Bachelor Thesis version will they be guaranteed a slot with the same instructor. Students 'changing' to the new Bachelor Thesis version (15 ECTS) may be asked to write about a different topic than the one they agreed upon with the instructor of their Bachelor Thesis Seminar.

Due in part to diverging disciplinary traditions, the Bachelor Thesis module is organized rather differently in Literature and in Linguistics. However, the overall workload expected from students remains the same (15 ECTS), as do the overall learning outcomes and the required level of quality.

For more information on the new guidelines, you can consult the corresponding sections on the ES website: