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English Department

Colloquium in English Literature (3 ECTS)

[06SM440-s01] - The codes and titles of individual modules will vary


Bachelor Major (120 ECTS)

Bachelor Minor (60 ECTS)

Course Type(s)


Module Group English Literature


one-semester module, not offered on a regular basis


  • learning portfolio (usually)           
  • pass/fail

Language of Instruction


Module Content


Students are required to have passed an introductory module in literature at Bachelor-level. The level of English language skills required for this course should correspond to the level achieved on successful completion of the module "Language Skills and Culture: Introduction."


Colloquia tend to have a narrower focus than seminar classes, and the main emphasis is on the discussion and practical application of a limited set of concepts and/or a particular research method, including innovative/exploratory ways of teaching.

Learning outcomes Students will be able to: (a) define a set of theoretical concepts and/or research methods related to the topic of the colloquium; (b) discuss the usefulness and problems that arise from applying these concepts to particular literary texts (or groups of texts).