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English Department

English Literature: Textual Analysis (9 ECTS)



Bachelor Major (120 ECTS)

Bachelor Minor (60 ECTS)

Course Type(s)

  • Lecture
  • Seminar
Module Group Introduction to English Literature and Linguistics


two-semester module, starting each fall


  • essay 1 (25%)
  • essay 2 (35%)
  • written Exam (30%)
  • learning
    portfolio (10%)       
  • graded                   

Language of Instruction




All courses are conducted and examined in English. Students are therefore required to have written English of at least B2 level and spoken/comprehension skills of C1.
Content The “English Literature: Textual Analysis” module is a two-semester module that consists of weekly seminar sessions and an accompanying fortnightly lecture. Designed as an introduction, the module familiarises students with the critical vocabulary and methodology used in the study of literature. The emphasis is on the structural analysis and close reading of poetry, narrative texts, drama, film and other visual examples so that students learn how to approach various genres and different media. The module also trains students in the conventions of academic research and writing practised in literary studies. The lecture offers an overview of the most important theoretical concepts and illustrates these by means of concrete literary examples. The seminars, which are taught in smaller classes, provide an opportunity for in-depth discussions, exercises and group work.
Learning outcomes Students are able to: (a) closely read primary and secondary texts; (b) define the most important literary terminology; (c) apply these terms in their analysis of literary texts; (d) reflect on various literary genres and forms as well as different media; (e) evaluate and interpret their findings, develop thesis statements, structure arguments and support these with textual evidence; (f) search for relevant material in library catalogues and the most important databases used in the subject.