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English Department

Excursion (3 ECTS)

[06SM440-s05] - The codes and titles of individual modules will vary


Bachelor Major (120 ECTS)

Bachelor Minor (60 ECTS)


Course Type(s)


Module Group

Other Curricular Modules (usually)



one-semester module, not offered on a regular basis


  • learning portfolio (usually)
  • pass/fail               

Language of Instruction


Students should have successfully completed "Language Skills and Culture: Introduction".

Content Excursions complement the core component of the Bachelor curriculum and encourage students to relate their academic interests to places, topics, and problems beyond the confines of their own university. (Examples may include theater weeks abroad, visits to museums or exhibitions in Switzerland or further afield, and field trips for research purposes.)
Learning outcomes Students are able to: (a) relate the questions and concerns raised in their course of studies to the world beyond the university proper; (b) demonstrate how the excursion in question contributes to and complements their previous studies.