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English Department

Focus on Phonetics and Phonology

These module is offered by the Institute of Computational Linguistics.

Language of instruction



Students are required to have passed an introductory module in linguistics at Bachelor level.


Students are able to research relevant theoretical and methodological background for the study of English Phonetics and Phonology, including data collection, analysis and statistical testing. On the basis of relevant literature, they develop their own research hypotheses and apply the core concepts in the analysis of their data. They learn to discuss and present these aspects in class and subsequently integrate them into their written work.

Learning outcomes

Seminars in this module will focus on fundamental principles of English phonetics and phonology, including articulatory phonetics, phonological theory, accent variation, speech synthesis and contrastive phonetics (English and other languages). They introduce key topics on the basis of relevant theoretical and methodological literature and software to analyse speech (spectograms, formants, pitch, intensity, etc.).



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Module Group

English Linguistics

Module Code



2-semester module (starting each spring)

Type of Assessment

- oral presentation (33% = one third)

- paper (67% = two thirds)


6 ECTS, graded