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English Department

Lehrdiplom: Language Competence (Sprachkompetenzprüfung)

All candidates for the Lehrdiplom in English – including native speakers – must complete the module Language Skills for Teachers (3 ECTS), i.e. the Sprachkompetenzprüfung Englisch.

Language Skills for Teachers (3 ECTS)– module code: 440-810 – is a one-semester module that focuses on the language skills required by teachers of English in the classroom (e.g. error analysis and common sources of error, pedagogical grammar and contrastive issues affecting German-speaking learners).

When to Book the Module

Students can book this module during their Master studies, as part of the elective component of their studies in English Literature and/or Linguistics. However, it can also be completed later, during the Lehrdiplom studies.

Note: Students must pass this module before being allowed to book the module Fachdidaktik II.