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English Department

Lehrdiplom: Prerequisites & How to Apply

For details on the application process, see the corresponding section on the University Homepage.

Note: Any discrepancy between the minimum requirements for admission and the requirements for completing the Lehrdiplom will be set as additional requirements ("Auflagen," see below) at the point of application.

Minimum Requirements for Admission

  • In order to be admitted to the Lehrdiplom, students must have completed their Bachelor studies in English Literature and/or Linguistics.
  • In addition, candidates must be either (about to be) enrolled in a UZH Master program in English (or a Single Master in Literary Studies or in Linguistics) or have completed a Master program in English elsewhere.
  • Note: In the FAQ section, you can find which UZH Bachelor and Master programs in English we recommend for students planning to do the Lehrdiplom with English as a first (or only) and as a second (or additional) teaching subject.
  • It is not possible to do the teaching diploma if the Master Major does not correspond to the so-called branch of studies (German: 'Studienrichtung') of the first teaching subject. The Master programs offered by the UZH English Department, as well as the UZH Master Mono programs in Literature and Linguistics, belong to the the branch of studies "English Literature and Linguistics."
  • If you are unsure whether your Master Major belongs to the branch of studies "English Literature and Linguistics," contact the Study Advisor at

What Happens after the Application Has Been Processed?

Once their application documents have been processed, applicants will receive one of the following responses:

  • Direct admission: no additional requirements.
  • Admission with additional requirements ("Auflagen"): students may begin their Lehrdiplom studies, but they also have to fulfill additional requirements.
  • Denial of Admission: The candidate's previous qualifications do not meet the minimum requirements.