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English Department

Lehrdiplom: Stay Abroad Requirement

Stay Abroad Requirement & COVID-19

Please contact the English Department's study abroad coordinator (Nathalie Meyer) via if you have any questions regarding the stay abroad requirement for the Lehrdiplom.

Length of Stay Abroad

Lehrdiplom candidates must complete a six-month stay abroad (i.e. 26 weeks - i.e. 182 days - with max. one interruption) before being allowed to book the module Fachdidaktik I. For information on organizing one's stay abroad, see the Study Abroad section of the ES website.

Criteria for Stays Abroad

The stay abroad must take place after the Matura, in a region in which English is the first language of a majority of inhabitants. This requirement can be waived if:

  • the candidate spent a full academic year at an English-language school in a predominantly English-speaking region after the age of 15 (e.g. at a US high school);
  • one's entire schooling until at least the age of 12 took place in English-language schools in predominantly English-speaking regions.

Candidates wanting the stay-abroad requirement to be waived must submit a request to the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Students are expected to be able to submit written proof of their stay abroad (e.g. flight tickets, certificates of enrollment and/or employment, transcript of records, hotel bills, event tickets, car rental bills etc.).

Please note that a flight ticket alone is not sufficient and that you should at least also hand in a confirmation regarding your work, studies or travels. The more relevant documents you hand in, the easier it is for the coordinator to confirm your stay abroad.

List of Countries

In the list below, you can check whether or not the stay abroad requirement can be covered by a stay in the country of your choice. (Rule of thumb: English must be the first language of the majority of inhabitants in the region in question.)

Note: If the country of your choice is missing from the list, contact the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Country Accepted? Details
Australia Yes  
Bahamas Yes  
Canada Depends not accepted if in Québec or any other francophone region
Cook Islands No  
Gibraltar No  
Fiji No  
Hong Kong No  
India No  
Ireland Yes  
Jamaica Yes  
Malta No  
New Zealand Yes  
Nigeria No  
Singapore Yes  
South Africa Depends depends on region (Capetown and Johannesburg central city zones usually accepted; Stellenbosch not accepted)
Trinidad and Tobago Yes  
UK Yes